Soft Solders

Here you can find Metalli’s product range of Soft Solders. In the table you can obtain further information about each individual product.

Name Composition Melting Range °C ISO 9453 Datasheet


This solder is primarily used in the solar heating industry. Available as a solid wire or flux cored. High melting point and working temperature.
Ag Sn Pb
1.5 5 93.5
296  Alloy 191  

Metalli Ag3

This solder has its uses especially in the electronics and plumbing industries. Has good wetting properties on steel and a close colour resemblance to that of steel. Very short melting range.
Ag Sn Cu
3 96.5 0.5
217-221 Alloy 711

Metalli P5

A lead free alloy which provides an excellent joint strength and a good colour match with stainless steel. Soldered joints are not prone to interfacial corrosion.
Ag Sn
5 95
221-235  Alloy 704

LM 10A

This solder has good electrical conductivity, flows well and gives a relatively high joint strength.
Ag Sn Cu
10 87 3


With a longer melting range than 99/1, this solder is suited to build greater fillets and act as a better gap filler. It replaces the older tin/lead alloys which are now forbidden in the electronics industry.
Sn Cu
97 3
230-250  Alloy 402


A lead free solder which also replaces the older tin/lead alloys. Good flow properties with a relatively short melting interval.
Sn Cu
99 1
230-240  Alloy 401