Silver Brazing for Special Applications

Here you can find Metalli’s product range of Silver Brazing for Special Applications. In the table you can obtain further information about each individual product.

Name Composition Melting Range ° C ISO 17672 Datasheet

Metalli-Braze 56

This filler metal is used especially where the joints have to with-stand vibrations or powerfully flowing liquids. Particularly effective in combating interfacial corrosion on stainless steel.
Ag Cu Ni In
56 27.25 2.25 14.5

Metalli-Braze 49H

This filler metal is effective when brazing tungsten carbide. The manganese and nickel give improved wetting on tungsten carbide. The optimum joint gap is 0.1 -0.25 mm.
Ag Cu Zn Ni Mn
49 16 23 4.5 7.5
680-705  Ag 449

Metalli-Braze 49LM Tri

This material is composed of two outer layers of the filler metal with a central copper core. Ideal for tungsten carbide. The effect given relieves joint stress and counteracts vibrations. As with Metalli-Braze 49H, the manganese helps to improve wetting.
Ag Cu Zn Ni Mn
49 27.5 20.5 0.5 2.5

Ag/Cu Eutectic

Primarily for vacuum brazing. With a eutectic composition, the filler metal has a melting temperature of 778°C. Very free flowing, making it ideal for narrow gaps.
Ag Cu
72 28
778 Ag 272


This filler metal is used especially for applications that are exposed to ammonia. For that reason, the filler metal does not contain copper, as ammonia sears copper.
Ag Mn
85 15
960-970 Ag 485

Metalli Ag90/Ni10

This is, in actual fact, not a filler metal but an alloy which is used in the electronics industry as a contact material.
Ag Ni
90 10