Silver Brazing Filler Metals (Metalli Range)

Here you can find Metalli’s product range of Silver Brazing Filler Metals (Metalli Range). In the table you can obtain further information about each individual product.

Name Composition Melting Range ° C ISO 17672 Datasheet

Metalli 56

A filler metal with a low brazing temperature, short melting range and excellent free flowing properties. Suitable for neat joints with small fillets. Can be used with the majority of metals. Similar to Metalli 55.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
56 22 17 5
618-652 Ag 156  

Metalli 55

A filler metal with similar properties to Metalli 56. Low brazing temperature, short melting range and good free flowing properties. Widely used and suitable for most of the common engineering metals.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
55 21 22 2
630-660 Ag 155

Metalli 55 Plus

Similar to Metalli 55, but with the addition of Silicium the filler metal gains extra free flowing properties. Suitable for most metals.
Ag Cu Zn Sn Si
55 21 21.8 2 0.2

Metalli 452

A filler metal with good flowing properties. A higher brazing temperature than Metalli 55 and Metali 56, but a cheaper and manageable alternative.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
45 27.75 25 2.25
640-680 Ag 145

Metalli 44

A filler metal with medium characteristics making it relatively flexible to use. Often a choice in the refrigeration industry.
Ag Cu Zn
44 30 26
675-735 Ag 244

Metalli 40

This filler metal offers medium brazing temperature, melting range and flow characteristics along with the lower silver content. Widely used in the refrigeration industry where copper and its alloys are to be brazed to steel.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
40 30 28 2
650-710  Ag 140

Metalli 38

Similar to Metalli 40. Suitable for manual brazing and gives good gap filling properties due to the slightly wider melting range.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
38 31 29 2
660-720 Ag 138

Metalli 34

A filler metal with a large melting range which can give good filling properties for larger brazing gaps. A cheaper alternative to Metalli 38.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
34 36 27.5 2.5
630-730 Ag 134

Metalli 33

The short melting range of this filler metal makes it suitable for step brazing processes.
Ag Cu Zn
33 33.5 33.5

Metalli 302

The long melting range and poor flow characteristics give this filler metal good gap filling properties and it is also suitable where larger fillets are required.
Ag Cu Zn Sn
30 36 32 2
665-755 Ag 130