Silver/Copper – Phosphorus

Here you can find Metalli’s product range of Silver/Copper – Phosphorus filler metals. In the table you can obtain further information about each individual product.

Name Composition Melting Range ° C ISO 17672 Datasheet

Metalli 18P

The most free flowing of the Metalli Silver/Copper – Phosphorus range. The low melting temperature and electrical conductivity are also advantageous. A relatively brittle filler metal which should not be recommended for applications where vibration or deformation of the joint will be present.
Ag Cu P
18 75 7
644 CuP 286  

Metalli 15P

This filler metal can be used to braze copper to copper without the use of a flux. It can also be used to braze brass, but here a flux is required. Not suitable for ferrous metals. It is also available as a foil.
Ag Cu P
15 80 5
644-800 CuP 284  

Metalli 6P

A filler metal for copper to copper applications. Used extensively in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The alloy is relatively brittle and is not particularly suited for applications where vibrations or deformations can occur.
Ag Cu P
6 86.75 7.25
644-718 CuP 283  

Metalli 5P

With its good flow and ductility properties, this filler metal is extensively used throughout the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Requires fairly rapid heating during the brazing process with eg. oxygen/acetylene. A cheaper alternative to Metalli 15P.
Ag Cu P
5 89 6
644-815 CuP 281  

Metalli 2P

This filler metal can be used for the brazing of copper to copper without flux. It has a wide melting range and is suitable for wider gaps and is a cheaper alternative to Metalli 15P and Metalli 5P.
Ag Cu P
2 91.7 6.3
644-825 CuP 279